Read what some of our clients have had to say about our services:

"However, I can say with confidence that getting a proper fit is one thing that is almost guaranteed to make you faster and more comfortable on your bike. As I stated earlier, I am an experienced cyclist and have been riding bikes for many, many years. Still, I was blown away by how much the bicycle fits that I did helped my riding."

"I went to East Coasters today to get measured and find the right bike for my body. It was a great learning experience, to say the least. The biggest ah-ha moment was during the discussion of the pedal cycle (like looking at a clock face) and understanding the muscles involved at each point during this cycle...Just by getting the fitting done, I think I learned twice as much about the road bike than what I knew before going in the store."

"I don't know if it was the bike fit you helped me with Wednesday night, or  I stumbled into a good training regimen, or just a biorhythm....   but I shaved 35 seconds off my Mill Mtn climb today. Anyway, thanks." 

"Thank you very much for the time you spent with Bryan. He hasn't been on the roads yet, but has had his bike on the trainer to supplement his running. He says that he hadn't realized that his knees were supposed to feel so free and as good as they do! That's huge. Thank you."

"The SpinScan process was of great value to me as it provided  immediate dynamic and quantitative feedback to facilitate the learning of spin technique.  I now know how it feels to approximate maximal efficiency and can train towards reproducing that in my riding out on the road."

"Based on the information from the SpinScan readouts Wes was able to give me some simple cues while I pedaled that dramatically improved my efficiency. Initially, in my case both legs showed relatively poor use of hamstrings and the right leg in general was a good 15 percent less efficient overall than my left.  Again, simple cues but pretty powerful and immediate in their results.  After my thirty minutes or so on the bike I could see and feel how to not only improve my overall efficiency by a good ten or fifteen percent, but had found ways to alter the use of my right leg to actually make it as or more efficient than the left!" 

"Just wanted to say that when I went for a bike ride after the fit it was great. The first ride took a little adusting but my second ride was awesome; I rode about 40 miles and my cadence was up from about 88-90 to about 93 average. Also to I was able to stay in the drops longer because of my ride postion was more comfortable. Thanks again!"

"Just wanted to shoot a quick, but big thank you your way!  I was in a couple of weeks ago to have a fitting on my time trial bike with Cole, and was blown away by his and all of your customer service, I don’t think I have received that good of service anywhere, not just a bike shop.  Not to mention that I am also extremely satisfied with my new fit, I honestly believe that it is perfect, and even more dialed in than the professional fitting I had originally received when I got my bike (I am riding longer, more comfortably, and more aero than ever).  You guys are awesome, and you run a first class shop."




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