"Pandapas Pond", "Brush Mountain", and "Poverty Creek" are often used interchangeably to describe an extensive trail system just outside the town limits of Blacksburg in the Jefferson National Forest. Pandapas Pond encompasses 500 acres on the north side of Brush Mountain, a 2,843-foot peak that overlooks downtown Blacksburg and Virginia Tech. It's owned by the National Forest Service. Combined with other NFS-owned land in the area, it offers miles and miles of trails both broad and flat, steep and tricky, and in-between. Poverty Creek is the creek that flows into Pandapas Pond which sits at the base of Brush Mountain.

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The area's trail system also encompasses Gap Mountain.

One of the main appeals of this trail system to residents of Blacksburg is the fact that it's a relatively short and easy bike ride from town to the trail system.


The pond itself is a man-made, 8-acre body of water. It sits on the edge of the eastern continental divide and is the headwaters of Poverty Creek. Pandapas Pond is a day use area only--it is closed to the public from dusk to dawn. Bikes are not allowed along the trails directly surrounding the Pond. 


The trails in this system are generally well marked and range from easy paths (ie, the Poverty Creek Trail) to seriously technical singletrack  (ie, Grizzly Trail). Trails closest to Pandapas Pond tend to be easier (though again, avoid the trails directly around the Pond itself for these are closed to bikes) while those on Brush Mountain and Gap Mountain are generally quite a bit more difficult. 

The two main access points to the trail system are the parking area for the Pandapas Pond Day Use Area and the Old Farm Trail, accessed from the Heritage Community Park .   



Click on the picture below for directions to the Pandapas Pond Day Use Area parking lot . PLEASE NOTE: The endpoint address entered for these directions is Craig Creek Rd which is actually to the North of Rt 460 while the parking lot is on the other side of 460--just look for the brown forest service signs for the Day Use Area) 



For  directions to the Heritage Community Park parking area at the base of the Old Farm Trail click on the picture below (of Chris Betz riding up a section of Old Farm)






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